Fast Forward Academy

ffaAre you a work at home mom (WAHM) or any of the different variations of self employed people who believes it pays to keep looking at diversification options.

While many of my peers and I were making six figure incomes working for AOL we didn’t see the “dotcom” bubble’s preparation to burst shortly after the turn of the century.

Bruce Lee once said: “Learn everything, use what is useful”…well, not exactly in those words…but that’s how I translated it.

If you’ve been involved in working at home for over two years, you’re to the point you’ve gotten some experience in spreadsheets and doing your own taxes.  What you may not realize is you’ve involved yourself in accounting, regardless of the level or proficiency you have compared to others.  One thing to consider are options to explore the potential of those newly demonstrated skills such as enrolled agent continuing education or going after an irs exam.  Some places provide tax courses that are even free.

No, not everyone can or should get into accounting, but for myself as a self employed state certified mental health professional, courses offering Continuing Education Units, such as provided by Fast Forward Academy, actually and often have direct future impact on the quality of delivery I as an advocate and educator of people living with disabilities provide.

And trust me, when you hear people saying…

“You’re certification authority WON’T accept CEUs from third parties…”,

…think again.  I’ve participated in psychosocial, economic, and conventional matter seminars providing CEUs to participants.  Mine does.  Of course, whenever scheduling future classes I ask myself the simple questions:

Does this course have bearing on improving present service delivery?
Will my clients present and future be positively impacted from the addition of this curriculum to my knowledge base?
Will skill sets learned as a result of participation in this curriculum enhance my professionalism in any way, and if so…how?
The short version of what I’m trying to impress is simple: anything that makes you a better professional SHOULD be identified, pursued, and advocated for when others don’t have the vision you do.

If you don’t stand up for what’s right in the midst of adversity, how can you expect to change come about?