ESHC of Jacksonville’s site: a long time in the making

eshcAnd it’s long overdue, just weeks ago at another agency's quarterly meeting I felt compelled to be blunt…“it still sucks”. Too often many non-profits aren't able to afford or enlist the aid of people able to create functional web sites.

After years of effort, brainstorming, and trying different things the Emergency Services & Homeless Coalition of Jacksonville, Inc. has finally gotten a proper online presence. Since 2006 the agency has undergone three people helming the role of Executive Director, Dawn Gilman had her hands full when she took charge and inherited in my opinion what was a professional nightmare.

I can say that. I watched her as a very pregnant part timer in 2008 while I served as one of it’s Board of Directors. In 2009 work and discussions regarding a rebuild of their site resulted in deadlock between multiple parties: while a Special Task Force approved moving forward with a model developed elsewhere, responsibilities and relationships involving ESHC’s third party partners weren’t realistic to continue development on a pro bono basis as agreed on originally.

I encourage you to visit www.eshcnet.org. While an advocate for residents this agency ultimately serves throughout Northeast Florida; in the big picture and with Dawn at it’s helm; I can say overall their efforts have had extremely positive impact on the lives of families and unaccompanied youth experiencing homelessness.

That’s as long as they keep to the mission of listening to consumers and not just the needs of the non-profit agencies supporting themselves. As long as I’ve known Dawn I can say that such is and will be the case as long as she’s there…and as long as I’m not ranting about it.

The only thing I’d improve…get that company logo centered correctly above it’s text.

Feel the love, Dawn, and congratulations. You deserve a site that represents the effort you put in to the agency and this community.