Bloggers With Integrity Award for For Social Conscience

Shinade gave me this award a little over a week ago, and here it is for you to see.

I don't know that what I blog or write about is having Social Conscience, but if being a stubborn jerk when someone's being a stubborn jerk for no good reason is that...then I guess I am.

I'm confused now, she uses big words. Click on the pic, and see who else got this. As for me, I'm giving to the following: Everyone in my sidebar link roll, cause I don't blogroll no crap here!

13th Juror
An Indelicate Matter
Auntie Dar's Life
Bill Blunt
Caveman Ogre
Chris Cree
Christy's Coffeebreak
Cindy Yen
Daddy Papersurfer
diary of a 70s teen
Gabrielle Faust
Harry McFry
Idaho Daily Photo
Ipso Facto
John's Blog
Lady Rose
Liz Strauss
More Doubts
My Style
Ocean Guy
Old Timer Speaks Out
Owen Holmes
Roadside Scholar
Spurious Ink
The Pisstakers
Troy Worman
Twipply Skwood
Urban Jacksonville
Wacky Mom

Everyone stop and give yourself a great big hand. Now drop and give me one for the 82d!


gojeffrey said...

I just gave myself a great big hand. Wow... now my other hand looks so tiny!

Kim said...

thanks for the award.....much appreciated...and thank you for putting me in your blogroll too...
all the best Kim :-X

Kim said...

ps I can't see the picture of the award:)

John C said...

I'll see about drumming up some peeps and putting in the kitty for another big hand to level ya out. :)

You're welcome! The image is hosted by Shinade...had the same problem last night myself. I did a (ctrl)+(F5) to force a reload. Looks ok. Did you mean you didn't see it on 'this' page...or when you tried hotlinking?

gigi said...


i can't believe you have named me for this terrific award. i haven't been blogging for very long, but so far the response and support (from great folks like you!) has been very encouraging.

i'm so grateful -- thanks again! :D

Kim said...

hi John
I can't see the award on this page ...tried the ctrl f5...but didn't do anything...will pop over to Jackie's and see if I can find it...thanks...

polliwog said...


darlene said...

thanks John....you are a Dear!!...;-)

Nascar and the Canadian Curmudgeon said...

As a fellow stubborn jerk..I just thought I would stop by and say Hi!

70steen said...

ooooooooooo get you 'sidebar link roll!! lol

Thank you kind sir for the award ... as you know integrity is my bond :-)

Ed said...

oh to be awarded by surprise. Thanks for the good feeling.

Shinade said...

Wow I certainly didn't expect this and that's the truth. Thank you so much John for including me along with all of these other great people. This means a lot!!

Daddy Papersurfer said...

Give myself a big hand? OK, but it might be a little embarrassing as I'm sitting in a cafe.

belinha said...

I want this award too!


John C said...

Doubting Gigi. lol. You're welcome.

There's been problems across the Internet lately...it's not you...but the graphic IS there. :)

Ok, what's the smile about?

No, you are.

...what's stubborn?

You told my secret. I like sharing my bonds with you always.

You're pissy. Don't ever change!

I thought I'd include everyone since I don't keep crap in my links. Feel the love, you especially.

Deal with it. I could always call the waiter and tell him you tip in old socks.

I'm lost in translation. Didn't you see it up there? It's under your blogs name, hon.

ozlady said...

Thanks ;)

And I do exist... somewhere!

Christy said...

Thank you very much! :) That's so nice, hope you have a great day!

John C said...

Yep, right up there with Santa in my book, woman!

You're very, very welcome. :)

Lady Rose said...

Thank you! :) Sorry I missed this earlier - but better late then never.