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John C


The musician's friend

Have you ever seen a musicians friend play the banjo? It only works if the friend is a musician themselves.

Months ago I sat down and watched my daughter attempt another round of Rockstar Rolling, or one of those similiar guitar playing video games. She genuinely smiles thinking she’s accomplishing something.

Chances are in the next year I’ll check in to seeing if she wants to dabble in either strumming a dulcimer or learning to finger a violin. Anything beats the next phase she’s already interested in...the drums.


Why some police shouldn't be police

I'm sorry, but I was trained to use lethal deadly force when necessary.

I've had to make the decision of when or if to use such, and I've diffused situations much more dangerous than this with everybody involved being able to wake up the next morning.

I've had people under my command who obeyed orders up to that point. 1 man with a knife facing multiple police officers, a canine police unit...and reportedly 45 shots fired?

Obviously this town in particular is paying too much for too little on law enforcement.



I’ve mentioned Fastforwardacademy.com in prior posts, initially due to the need of many people needing to get their enrolled agent ethics course behind them.  They’re one of the most simplest means people can get their enrolled agent continuing education requirements fulfilled quick and easy.

A month ago I noticed more questions being sent to me in my comments that I didn’t feel it was my place to speak for them.  For direct questions regarding the site, it’s best to check them out directly.  On another note there are some matters others seeking these same classes in their own areas of expertise may find of interest.

While I’m a Florida Certified Recovery Peer Specialist for Adults, any of the courses offered that can have a beneficial impact on my service delivery to consumers all fall as being acceptable by my Board authority, when it comes time for annual re-certification.

Some of the biggest questions I got were as followed.  Mind you these comments are my own based on my experience using the site and spending the time to research.  In all fairness, anyone else taking the time will probably find likewise:

Do I have to order courses in bulk or can I ‘piece’ together what I need specifically for my field of expertise or study?

Either way!  Some people only need a refresher or individual CE’s for their annual requirements.  Others get a larger group and take advantage of saving money.  The choice is up to the person served and their individual needs.

What forms of payment are accepted? I don’t like paying online, can I do so by phone?

Yes, they accept payment by credit/debit cards as well as by PayPal, Google, or Amazon. Unsure about doing it online and prefer to speak to someone taking your payment by phone?  You can call them at (888)798-PASS (7277) to feel more secure!